Navigate the challenges of business ownership with other budding entrepreneurs.

Whoever said that you have to go at it alone was wrong.

Your business doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Join our collective intelligence of budding entrepreneurs and gain new insights into your business. Remove the challenges and roadblocks you are facing by communicating with like minded business owners.

Business mastermind workshops from Entrepreneur Evolution provide you with the space for advisement, collaboration, and new learning possibilities. Extend your network and think bigger as an exclusive member.

How will mastermind workshops help?

The Entrepreneur Evolution masterminds are designed to help you validate your business. Create a lead generating machine that you can act on for immediate conversion. And, convert your business into a turnkey business that can scale to heights you never thought were possible.

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Every business owner needs someone to be accountable to. That someone should understand the aspects of their business and help them grow and transition through the phases that their company will inevitably go through as all companies do. Bowdie has not only helped me stay true to my company growth goals but has called me out when I needed it and THAT is what a great coach does. As a result my company future is much clearer and business couldn't be better.

Greg T., The Image Stop